The Governance Committee is a Standing Committee of the Board. It is responsible for advising the Board in relations to strategic planning, governance, governance structure, governing documents and external agency relations.

Key Duties

The Committee will perform the following key tasks:

  • On an ongoing basis provide expertise to enhance the quality of Board discussion on policy and governance matters, and facilitate effective Board decision-making in these areas;
  • Advise the Board on the adequacy and effectiveness of ASC’s key governing documents and framework policies, including vision, mission, values and mandate statements;
  • Recommend to the Board, as required, amendments to the Bylaws;
  • Advise the Board on the adequacy and effectiveness of ASC’s key operational policies;
  • Perform such additional tasks as may be delegated to the Committee by the Board from time to time.

The committee will be an Active Advisor to the Board of Directors. The committee will research policy and governance issues and then propose action in the form of a recommendation to the Board for approval.

Policy Responsibility

The Governance Committee will be responsible for policy research and oversight of the following organizational policies.

  • Board of Directors Policies
  • Board Standing Committees
  • Working Groups
  • Operational Policies including:
    • Anti-Doping
    • Athlete Development
    • Coaching
    • National Team
    • Selection
    • Officials
    • Woman in Coaching
  • Policy Review

The Committee will be composed of a minimum of 3 persons. Two of these persons must be Directors of ASC. The Board will designate the Chairperson of the Committee, who shall be a Director.


The Board appoints members to the Committee. Members will serve from appointment until the re-striking of the committee. Should a vacancy occur on the Committee, for whatever reason, the Board may appoint a qualified person to fill that vacancy for the remainder of the vacant position’s term. The Board may remove any member of the Committee.


The Committee shall meet by telephone or in person, as required. Meetings will be called by the Chairperson.


The Committee will receive the necessary resources from ASC to fulfill its mandate, and may have staff persons assigned to assist the Committee with its work.


*This section must be completed by the Governance Committee in conjunction with the annual Strategic Plan. The objectives must be simple, measurable and time-bound. The objectives must be reviewed and/or renewed annually.


The Board of Directors will evaluate the performance of the Committee. The performance of the committee will be assessed against the accomplishment of yearly objectives/deliverables. This review will take place immediately prior to the AGM.


The Committee will report to the Board, in writing, at every meeting of the Board. The Committee will report to Members at the Annual General Meeting, in the form of a written report.

Review and Approval

The Board of Directors will review these terms of reference every two years.


Proposed: August 3