Covid-19 Update

March 11, 2020

Earlier today, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak a pandemic and called on leadership around the world to focus on prevention, preparedness, public health, political leadership and most of all, people. The Aboriginal Sport Circle (ASC) has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation to ensure precautionary measures have been taken in response to available information.

Response so far:

The wellbeing of the ASC family is of upmost priority. Most recently, the concerns related to COVID-19 resulted in the postponement of the planned in-person meeting originally scheduled for end of March. Feedback received acrossthe country leading up to this decision included a shared agreement to reduce the spread of this virus and an expressed voice of concern to protect communities without the resources and facilities to handle an outbreak.

Moving forward:

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 varies across Canada, as such, the ASC encourages each region to look to current local and Provincial public health information updated recommendations.

The ASC will continue to follow the developments of COVID-19 and look to the recommendations and advice of public health officials to guide future decision making. This includes the World Health Organization, local and Provincial health authorities, Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, Sport Medicine Advisory Committee and the Public Health Agency of Canada. Upcoming ASC related events: As of the time of this memo, there are no noted changes to the ASC related events including the National Aboriginal Hockey Championships and the North American Indigenous Games.

The need to continue to monitor the situation is a focused priority of the ASC. Communication with the ASC membership will be immediate as any new developments arise.

Please stay tuned to our social media channels for more updates as they arise.

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