Aboriginal Coaching Module Learning Facilitator Training (ACMLFT)

To participate in this program, you must be:

• Of First Nation, Metis or Inuit heritage
• Have completed the Aboriginal Coaching Module (ACM)
• Endorsed by your Provincial/Territorial Aboriginal Sport Body (PTASB)

Successful trainees will be certified to deliver the ACM to participants.

The course involves:

• Core Learning Facilitator training
• ACM training workshops
• Co-facilitation of an ACM (Co-facilitation is an accredited Learning Facilitator)
• Final evaluation by a Master Coach Developer (MCD)

The Learning Facilitator Training is based wherever possible on Indigenous perspectives of learning. The Learning Facilitators (LF), however, will add their own perspectives gained from their experience working with the training material.

For more information on Indigenous learning approaches related LF training please download here: Learning Approaches: ACM Learning Facilitator PDF