Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The ASC is a member-based, not-for-profit organization that exists to support the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal peoples and communities through participation in sport, physical activity, and recreation. Specifically, the ASC:

  1. Provides a national voice for Aboriginal sport, physical activity, and recreation;
  2. Builds capacity at the national, provincial, and territorial levels in the design, delivery, and evaluation of sport, physical activity, and recreation programs that are culturally appropriate for Aboriginal peoples;
  3. Ensures national policies and frameworks pertaining to sport, physical activity, and recreation respond to the needs of Aboriginal peoples and communities;
  4. Facilitates the development and training of individuals to be effective leaders for Aboriginal participants in sport, physical activity, and recreation;
  5. Recognizes and promotes best practices in sport, physical activity, and recreation for Aboriginal peoples;
  6. Oversees the development and delivery of national and international programs that enhance the participation of Aboriginal peoples in sport, physical activity, and recreation.

This work is accomplished directly with ASC member organizations and through strategic partnerships.

Our Vision

The ASC strives for:

  • Healthier, more active Aboriginal peoples in vibrant communities that are fully engaged in sport, recreation, and physical activity;
  • National systems that systemically include Aboriginal peoples and organizations in strategies, initiatives, programs and services;
  • Provincial/territorial and local capacity development that serves the unique needs of Aboriginal peoples at community levels;
  • Adequately resourced sport, physical activity and recreation systems that are culturally appropriate and enable Aboriginal peoples to achieve success from the playground to the podium;
  • Finally, these outcomes have a positive impact on broader sector agendas including, but not limited to, economic development, health, mental health, environment, and justice for all
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